Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Place Where We Used to Live

The link I've posted below is my latest recording, a cover of a sad Mark Knopfler song I like. Reminds me of the last few moments I spent in a house I lived in for 9 years during a really good time in my life. After having cleared out all my belongings I wandered around looking at the empty rooms and wondering if those 9 years ever really happened– "everything is gone, but my heart is hanging on. . ."

The picture above is where the house I grew up in used to be.

It's Just A Place

P.S. In the process of recording this, I go thru many several rough drafts. The song started out even slower than it is. I stumbled on this very early draft which I like too much to delete. Unfortunately the GarageBand file didn't get saved, so I wasn't able to finish out the entire song, it's just the first two verses.

What I like about it is that the singing is almost perfect and the jangly electric guitar track add a lot to it's atmosphere. A pity I could never re-create it later, but that's the way it goes. . .