Friday, August 05, 2005

"Broken Flowers"

Within the heirarchy of bad movies is your standard mundane crap, then below that is your steaming crap which is overshadowed only by the category of vile steaming crap. The only thing that saved “Broken Flowers” from surpassing vile steaming crap was about 5 seconds of totally gratuitous nudity.

It was one of those films where I seriously considered checking with the people in line to buy tickets so I could talk anyone out of see this.

This is officially the film that inaugurates Bill Murry into the Woody Allen class of overstaying ones welcome. Had the film been as bad as “Lost In Translation” it would have at least been an interesting failure, but here it seems Murry revisits the level of vile steamingness of “The Razor’s Edge” and succeeds in surpassing it.

Jarmusch is an extremely boring director. If the film, which felt like it was two hours, but was only a little over an hour and a half, was edited down to remove all of the car driving scenes, the Murry staring into the camera scenes, the plane and airport scenes, it’s actual narrative content would not have amounted to much more than 15 minutes.

Bill, I think it’s time you took up golf full time. . .