Friday, July 22, 2005


I dunno why I associate Boris with Festus just now, but after you read this quote from a recent "press availability" it just seems to fit.

But Bush is not known for actually giving substantive, responsive answers -- and this time, his answer was almost shockingly unvarnished.

After trotting out a few well-worn phrases ideal for stalling -- "I'm comfortable with where we are in the process," and "I have thought about a variety of people" -- Bush stopped himself and blurted out: "I'm trying to figure out what else I can say that you -- I didn't say yesterday that sounds profound to you without -- without actually answering your question."

Later, asked by Caren Bohan of Reuters whether any of his aides have offered to resign, and what constitutes a firing offense, Bush didn't even make a go of it.

"You know, I appreciate you bringing that up," he said, which was so baldly untrue that the room burst into laughter. "My answer really hasn't changed from 24 hours ago. It's the same answer. Now, I'll be glad to answer another question if you've got one."