Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's magic

For years now I've been scratching my head every time I plugged my cordless shaver into it's charger and without any electrical contact whatsoever the damn thing recharges. I recall wondering if I'd get shocked if the thing was wet when I placed it in it's base. How do you get electricity from one thing to another without wires?

Today I read of a new gadget that promises to erase the gang of wall warts I have installed to charge up my cell phone and iPod, which I do daily, and learned that it does it's magic by something called inductive coupling which involves a current inducing another current with magnetism. Or something like that.

Imagine the possibilities. Charging your tv remote, laptop, cellphone, digital camera, iPod and every other damn thing manufacturers insist we have a distinct, non-compatible AC brick for, by simply placing them on your coffee table, which is discretly plugged into the wall.

These guys are geniuses, it's gonna be a gangbuster product, too bad the company is private. I can't wait.