Monday, October 03, 2005

Why not the best?

I happened to have been listening when Festus announced his choice for the Supreme Court Justice seat. It was somewhat embarrasing that Festus had to dig so deep in Miers resume that he was reduced to dredging up the fact that she served on the Dallas City Council as well as the Texas Lottery Commission. Damn, the suspense is killing me, just how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies does she sell a year?

With the number of sitting Circuit Judges available it's amazing that Festus picks someone who has never been a judge to serve on the nations highest court for the rest of her life. It's testimony to Festus's isolation that he can only think of someone who has been in his bubble with him for the last 5 years to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

But it gets worse, Miers was once quoted as saying that Festus "was the most brilliant man she had ever met." Dunno whether to laugh or cry. . .