Saturday, May 07, 2005

"Oh, that what now. . ."

Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction where Marsellus tells Butch, "You lost your LA privileges"? Butch had just saved Marsellus' life shortly after running him over with a Ford Pinto and Butch wanted to know if Marsellus was still going to try and have him killed.

That's how I feel about the stock market. "What now?" I have managed to claw my way back to break even 5 months into the year. My "buy fall, sell winter" idea really didn't work. So what wisdom does Marsellus have to offer me after he gets his glowing briefcase back from Vincent and Jules?

Marsellus reads Barrons and concludes "Oh, that what now, looks like all you homeboyz are about to get ripped off, there's a lot of junk debt floating around based on assets that aren't earning crap, yet you dogz lapping it up like honey. Market is 'bout to get medieval on yo ass. Time to get down, get real, get cash and hard assets cause a shitstorm is gonna rain down hard on you suckas."

Or something like that.

As I grab the keys to Zed's Harley off the glass splattered counter I'm thinking about what I'm going to tell Fabienne when I get back to the motel room.

"Butch are you hurt? Did you get the watch?"

"I'll be ok, yeah, honey, I got the watch, how were the pancakes?

"Not as good as last time, where's my car?

"I wreaked your car, sweetie. We don't have time for all that. Listen, I've been thinking about MFA and ACG, honey. They're way heavily leveraged and the junk market is gonna tank cause of all of that GM and Ford paper. That's no good. Commercial and residential mortgages are getting way too risky cause the assets they're collateralized with are way inflated."

"But Butch, what about health care?'

"Yeah, I guess we can hold on to those, Bush has got their back. Come'on. honey, get your stuff, we gotta stop off at Scottrade, cash out and then head to Mexico before Marcellus changes his mind. . ."

"But, who's motorbike is this?

"It's not a motorbike, honey, it's a chopper. It used to belong to Zed."

"Who's Zed?"

"Zed's dead, honey, Zed's dead. . ."