Friday, December 16, 2005

1 Step forward, 2 steps back

Step forward: 1000 days after invading Iraq against UN Security Council approval, Bush finally wakes up to the concept that many of us think he made a huge mistake. So he says something like, yeah, the intelligence was wrong, but I'm not. No contrition, no acknowledgement that we might even have a problem with that. Just I made a decision and it was a hard one.

And that was the step forward.

The step back was following the embarrassment of Condi Rice telling the Germans we don't torture people, sure enough someone pops up who might have been rendered away and strongly persuaded. After that, McCain finally had the momentum to get his Anti-Torture bill passed over Bush and Cheney's opposition.

Then, to top even that embassasment, the NYT fesses up that it sat on a story for a year (not good NYT. . .) that Festus signed off on domestic spying that from all initial reports was clearly illegal albeit well intended. That prompted enought revulsion in Congress such they they knocked down the Patriot Act provisions that are now going to expire.

Festus continues to wallow in failure. 2006 and his impeachment can't come soon enough. . .